Night at Royal Hotel Game

Night at Royal Hotel Night at Royal Hotel. Oh those first loves! They may be not that lucky and finish without any concrete happening but the feeling that passes through our bodies is that strong that makes us shiver when we see the person that we like. Sometimes the time passes but we still can’t renew that feeling with any other person and usually this opens up a lot of troubles… Or maybe that feeling is related to that particular age, maybe when we are younger and we don’t have experienced much, the first love seems like the strongest feeling in the world or maybe it is the strongest feeling and maybe that particular person was the right one… So many assumptions, well it is always like that when we are talking about love.

This game is another proof of the great power of the love. Jason is now completely grown up, he is an owner of one of the most luxury hotels in the state, Royal Hotel, and he has never forgotten his greatest love from his childhood. Her name was Patricia and she has left the state many years ago, and no one has seen her ever since.

One day, one of Jason’s friends calls him to tell him that Patricia has come back home! Even though so many years have passed, Jason felt the same feeling, so he called her to invite her to meet in Royal Hotel. Patricia doesn’t know that he is the owner of the hotel so she will be surprised by everything because Jason has managed to prepare everything to be perfect in the hotel when she will arrive. At this moment the hotel seems like the most romantic place in the whole world so let’s see what Patricia’s heart would say.

Night at Royal Hotel is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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