My Spring Garden

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Game Details

My Spring GardenMy Spring Garden. Spring, according to many, the most beautiful season in the year! Everything is waking up in spring, the nature becomes green, the flowers are blooming, the sun starts shining, and it seems that it’s some kind of refreshment for all people; something like new beginning, more significant than the New Year.

That is also the period for planting flowers and other plants which opens up a lot of work for the people engaged in this matter. Before the actual act of planting, they should prepare the terrain for it, to dig the terrain, to get proper fertilizers and so on.

The following game concentrates on those activities. The action takes place in one wonderful flower garden that waits to be made even more beautiful and more colorful by planting some new flowers. Before the actual planting starts, it is time to prepare the terrain so it could accept the flowers and give amazing result. We’ll be helping in this as well, by looking for the needed tools and objects for this action. Open your eyes well, apply your sharp observational skills and let’s start searching! Only by finding all objects in one level, you could move into the next level, and finish the whole game. Good luck!

My Spring Garden is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.