Island Promises Game

Island Promises Island Promises. This maybe sounds strange, owning an agency for organizing romantic events, but it is not strange at all – it is actually a very nice dedication because it makes so many people happy, we mean really, really happy! Just imagine, you and your beloved one desperately want to go somewhere but you don’t have clue where to go. Probably that has happen many times to all of us, and if we don’t know where to find this kind of an agency, we may stay at home, doing nothing. There are two people that think about their romantic getaway but include a whole team to that process and it is quite sure that the trip will be planned even better.

Maybe that would be the best trip in your life because those teams don’t allow anything to chance, if they like to work with a great quality and make their business safer.

Jane and Eric are owners of one of the most famous agencies for organizing romantic events. They are quite experienced in their business and they lead their company very well. Few days ago they received a call from Steven. He called them because he likes to propose to a marriage to his girlfriend on the island they own. Jane and Eric are willing to accept the challenge and that’s why they are ready, together for their team, to take the things in own hands. Steven and his girlfriend will arrive at the island for two days from now, so until then, everything has to be ready for the romantic day. Let’s help those two and see how is this interesting business working.

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