Gifts for Her Game

Gifts for Her Gifts for Her. International Women’s Day for some women is a recognition, for others it is an insult, because it seems like it means getting attention for that one only day, and not the other three hundred sixty four days in the year. Some disguise it because it has went very commercial, like the Valentine’s Day, when stores and shops are full of people, especially women crazy to get anything for the closest people. How come we all forget that we should give ourselves attention during the whole year, not only on some certain day?

Modern societies use these dates to notify the fact that it is time to free some space in the wallets or in the credit cards. What it is important when this day comes, is to remember why actually we celebrate the day – we need to teach our children who actually Rosa Luxembourg and Clara Zetkin were, and what they fought for. One century ago they really fought for the women’s rights and it was in 1911 when they organized the first International Women’s Day. Today, if you ask for a young boy or a girl, what is the deal with the holiday, they might tell you that Rosa Luxembourg is some prime minister of Luxembourg or Zetkin is name of a street.

The fight goes every single day. One century later, women have much better positions in societies, at home, at work. There are still women that can’t say they enjoy their rights. Heather and Grant are chefs in a retail store for women products. For the International Women Day they have a lot of work to do. Everyone wants to buy a gift for their beloved mother, sister, mistress etc… Throughout the years, that’s why Heather and Grant needed assistants so they could give the best service possible. The same thing happens today. Our player has the role of their assistant and has to offer good service to the numerous customers in the gift shop.

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