Fragments of Beauty Game

Fragments of Beauty Fragments of Beauty. Melanie and her husband are owners or a small café in the center of the city. It is about a very nice place, known by the locals, that works great for 15 years. The day when Melanie and her husband opened the café actually on the same date as when they got married, just 5 years after, and today is the date when besides the anniversary of the café they celebrate 20 years together. The café works great but Melanie is very, very happy because after 20 years her marriage also works great! Their love is as strong as it was at the beginning, and all those moments together, good and bad, have made it even stronger.

Melanie’s husband probably knows that today is the day of their anniversary but he doesn’t know that his wife is preparing him a surprise. Namely she likes to make a great surprise to her husband, inviting all their close friends in the café. That way they will celebrate together two anniversaries, having great time together. However, preparing such a party takes some time which means that Melanie has to start with the preparations right away.

Let’s help her make this party unforgivable, as those dates when so many beautiful things have happened.

Fragments of Beauty is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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