Forever in Love Game

Forever in Love Forever in Love. The wedding day for a lot of people, especially for the girls is the most waited day of their lives. They imagine their bridal gown when they are fifteen, imagine their groom at seventeen. A little joke wouldn’t harm, don’t you think? There are people that won’t even bother to organize three hundred guest weddings, and will invite only the closest fifty people. Or there are even those who won’t even bother with weddings at all. They will put some money in the wallets, open their adventurous spirits and go for a wedding trip with the love of their lives. This sounds the best ever.

Forever in Love. They know each other for few years, but it seems like they actually know each other for whole life. Vickie and Noel are happy together. Few days ago they decided to crown their relationship with marriage. Noel was pretty romantic and prepared unforgettable way of proposing the love of his life. We are sure Vickie will never forget that gesture and will have what to tell to their grandchildren. Now, the sweetest obligations are coming soon, and you are guessing – that is the wedding day.

It is their wish to organize the wedding in Noel’s grandfather summer villa. It is situated far away from the city, in a wonderful environment. The preparations for the wedding are at the sole end. Guests are about to arrive. Their best friend (our player) arrives before everyone else and together they are checking even the slightest details, because everything has to be perfect that day. Best friends are always there when we need them. They say a friend in need is a friend in deed. That’s why try your best to help Vickie and Noel be satisfied with their arrangement. They will surely want to remember this day forever. Pay attention to the details and don’t forget that they give the best ambiance on such celebrations.

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