Entrapment Game

Entrapment Entrapment. Terry together with his wife, believed that this weekend is going to be one of the best weekends ever. They liked to spend some quality time together but things are not always as we plan; sometimes they run out to be better, but sometimes they become unexpected and worse than we imagined.

This morning Brenda has left the house and went into the nature. She always likes to take long walks in nature and she left alone with intention to look for some rare butterfly species. She also likes to take pictures of those butterflies with her camera, late in the afternoon. Brenda usually walks a lot because she simply adores her hobby but this time Terry’s intuition was telling him that something is wrong. He is usually right with those things, so he starts a search in order to find his wife. Maybe her regular walk turned into more interesting adventure so she decided to stay longer but maybe something is not as it should be… Terry is prepared to search everything around and see what has happen with his wife.

Take part in this adventurous romance by helping Terry find his beloved wife. Stay focused on searching and make sure everything turns out just fine.

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