Enchanted Heart Game

Enchanted Heart Enchanted Heart. No one wants things like that, black and evil magic only bring trouble and unhappiness but it seems that they could work good for someone…let’s say for the withes! Prepare yourself for a little bit scary story but don’t panic, we are here to make the things better.

Jacqueline is a young girl that has never done anything bad to anyone. However, you could never know who and what you would face during your life, even evil spirits and magic. Jacqueline has a husband and since their relationship started, everything was just fine. They had a perfect relation, madly in love with each other and always taking care for each other. Nevertheless, we don’t like to believe that perfection doesn’t exist, and there is always something bad threatening when it comes to perfect happiness although the facts say something else… No one knows how it happened but Jacqueline’s situation became desperate! An evil witch has enchanted her husband’s heart and now she has to find a way to break the evil magic.

Looking for a way to solve the situation, Jacqueline finds out that there is a secret garden known as the Enchanted Garden. It seems that only this garden could help Jacqueline bring back her beloved one and since she doesn’t see any other way back, she has decided to try this option. As it was said to the poor girl, she has to visit the garden and collect certain objects from there. After that, Jacqueline has to bring those objects to her husband, so he will fall in love with her again. That will help brake the evil curse from the witch.

We have to admit that Jacqueline’s situation is terrible so let’s help her find the needed objects and bring back her loved one.

Enchanted Heart is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.

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