Dream a Little Dream Game

Dream a Little Dream Dream a Little Dream. Love, the most beautiful thing in the world! That is something that every person dreams of and when we find the love, we are incredibly happy. We feel that we have found something that we were always looking for, like we have found the part we were missing. And it is like that with Grace and Patrick. Those two love birds are together for a long time. They are really in love with each other, being very happy because they are together.

However, the life is not consisted only from love, there are also some other things that are very important and in this case we think about the personal development and education. Sometimes we can’t find the right school in the place where we live. Patrick for example got a scholarship for studying on a college in another city. Few days ago he has left his town and went to study. He is really looking forward for this chance because he could study something that he likes most. On the other hand, he is thinking about Grace. They won’t be close for a certain period of time but at this moment the college is more important.

Grace on the other hand is very sad. She is in her city, waiting for the day when she will meet Patrick again. Until that day comes, Grace spends her days walking on the places where she spent her time with Patrick. She dreams about her next meeting with Patrick and how it would be when they’ll meet again.

Dream a Little Dream is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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