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Deja VuDeja Vu. Where do ideas come from is an eternal mystery. Nevertheless what you are working, more or less creative job or activity, if someone ask you how did you come up with certain idea, you would surely have problem to explain that. Or, more so, it always turns out that we get the ideas very accidentally. That so called ‘eureka’ moment that Archimedes had in the third century BC, when the great Greek mathematician took a bath and he noticed that the level of the water in the tub rose when he entered it and came to the conclusion that he could use this scientific effect to measure the volume of a king’s crown. ‘I have found it!’ he yelled all naked running on the streets, he was so touched by the discovery, that forgot to dress up.

Such examples there are millions. And, if you are interested in literature, you will surely know that the roads of artistic inspiration are very strange. Certain person, certain situation and even, certain words can be ‘inviting’ you to sit down and create something.

A strange inspiration came to mind to our hero for today. Young writer Amanda dreams of successful career and hopes that soon she will publish her first bestseller. She is preparing her new book and starts to look for inspiration through the dark and lonely streets of its’ suburb. She arrives close to one devastated house, and though she is there for the first time, she is hundred percents sure that she knows the place. Amanda is sure that it is her first time visit of the place, but the environment is so familiar to her. Amanda understands that the phenomenon ‘deja vu’ is happening to her. That’s how she comes to the idea for her new book. Let’s hope she will really make it up and have a tremendous bestseller.