Bolward Witch Game

Bolward Witch Miss Bertha lives in the small town of Bolward. She is very much into the black magic and that’s why she has the nickname ‘Bolward Witch’. Bertha wants to influence that and to change that and she wants people to stop seeing her as the bad witch. As usually, people want to see only the bad things. And that’s why she wants to prove her townsmen that she can be very useful.

Due to that, she wants to create a magic that would stop the rain drops in her town that lasts for few months already. The gust is giving tremendous problems to the people of Bolward. And Bertha thinks that if she can make it with the good magic, she will bring her trust back into the eyes of people. To achieve that, she needs your help. Bertha has to find the necessary ingredients to prepare the magic. And why not being good today and help ‘the witch’ become Bertha only once again?

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