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Artifacts Collector Artifacts Collector. Archaeologists love history. Unlike historians, archaeologists examine it and go deeper into it, by looking for material artifacts and buildings. That prove the existence of some civilization on some certain area. They are the happiest people when they discover something new and valuable. That is the dream. But, as it usually happens, there are people, professionals that can not hesitate the black market of the archaeological artifacts. They sell their honor by stealing important objects and selling them to the dealers. It is good if someone who does that can sleep at night? Knowing that has expropriated something worth millions. Something that doesn’t belong to him, and more important, it belongs to the history and the archaeological science of a certain country.

Very often there are proves that some great professional archaeologist has collaborated with some illegal diggers. And it’s part of the illegal road of the artifacts. The stolen history is very sad. There are piece of arts and artifacts that belong to one country and by the chance of bad luck, theft, war or something similar. They are decorating the museums of other countries. That is so sad. It takes big negotiations between the two countries and some deal to be achieved. So that the artifacts can return back where they belong.

Angela and Edward are detectives specialized in cases connected to valuable historical objects. In their files, they have already found the clue for a lot of cases on this issue. Today’s case is a very specific and rare one, because the theft of the worthy object didn’t happen in a museum or in someone’s home. The theft happened directly on the place where the archaeological location was. Angela and Edward have the task to investigate all the employees that work on that location. And to find out who stands behind this crime. Out of their experience, in most case, the thieves are from the team.

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