Crime at the Museum Game

Crime at the MuseumCrime at the Museum Game: Maybe banks are more attractive as places or public institutions that are often robbed but very often the museums are target of those robberies. In the same time those robberies are some of the hardest to perform because these places are secured really good. The money is in the bank but the museums are places where are kept numerous priceless objects that belong to some period of the human history. Starting from artifacts to natural remains like fossils. And the robbers usually go for some objects that could be easily sold on the black market like diamonds and jewelries. But sometimes they are more concentrated to objects with a real artistic value.

Kenneth is one of the best detectives in the Scotland Yard, the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police. Kenneth has been invited by the director of the British museum because there has been a robbery last night. Someone has stolen many valuable objects. The police likes to find out the person who is responsible for that robbery. Kenneth arrives at the museum, and together with his assistants. He starts the investigation that should come as an answer of this whole situation. Maybe this detective knows his job best. But he could surely need some help if he likes to finish everything perfectly and very fast. Let’s help the detective find those missing objects as soon as possible. And also find out who is responsible for this robbery. You can play Crime at the Museum game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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