Westray Station

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Westray StationWestray Station. Are you prepared one strange and unusual place dear player? We are talking about Westray, a small island in Scotland with a usual resident population of just under 600 people. However, usually people that pass through Westray, visit this place in unusual way and aside from the place which is not that famous, many people know about the Westray station. The thing with this station is that there is a legend about it, describing the station as one of the most mysterious places in the world.

Trains pass by all the time by none of them could pass without any defect. A person should be very happy if manages to pass the station safely and that’s why many train drivers try to avoid the station and avoid any possible trouble. However, sometimes there is no way to avoid the station and in this case the train drivers take the risk and try to pass here, hoping that nothing will happen but it seems that there is always something…

Alan, Matthew and Nancy are three passengers that were in the train when it suddenly stopped. Of course, that was the Westray station but this was one of those situations when the train driver didn’t have any other option so he had to pass here. Since the train stopped, the three passengers left the train and took a short walk around it, waiting the problem to be fixed. When they came back into the train, they realized that all their stuff and baggage were misplaced all through the train and the station! That wasn’t a nice thing to see! You will play as an employee on the train, so please do your best to help those three find their belongings.

Westray Station is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.