Ice Station Game

Ice StationIce Station Game: Only the bravest decide to go on the Antarctic. It takes years of preparations to arrive on the coldest place in the world. Only the best achieve this goal. It takes perfect equipment, a lot of courage, a little positive ‘madness’ to decide to conquer those conditions. Thousands of adventurers put efforts to go on Antarctic expeditions, but very few achieve the goal. Today we are introducing you with such an expedition. It is not going to be an easy task for you our players. But we hope to put you in a new challenge and have the possibility to feel the conditions of this icy continent.

In Ice Station Game: Shawn is the leader of the government expedition on the Antarctic. They are faced with big trouble. The heating system has been canceled. There are thousands kilometers away from the closest civilization. They will have to manage this problem. They need to find all the objects that they need to fix the heating system. This thing has to be done before sunset. Because, you can guess, the nights are extremely cold over there. You can play Ice Station game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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