Wake the Uninvited Game

Wake the UninvitedWake the Uninvited Game: There are so many stories about ghosts and similar creatures, that supposedly walk on the earth. They walk among us, but it seems that they can’t be seen unless they want to. Like they have the right to observe us all the time, even though we don’t know anything about it… Well that is rather scary, isn’t it? Olivia and her nephew Ethan have a story like this. Olivia’s nephew came in her village house to stay there for the weekend. This stay was supposed to be a great time for their both but the whole idea turned into something unwanted and unexpected. Namely, they seem to wake up the uninvited and how they have to face him. No one could even imagine that they will face a real ghost on their property!

The situation is as it is, so Olivia does not have another option except to oppose the ghost and expel him from the house. This might be a complicated situation because Olivia and her nephew have never faced a ghost before, but facing him would be their only choice, since this ghost doesn’t like to calm down or go away. Enjoy and have fun in playing Wake the Uninvited Game.

Play Wake the Uninvited Game