Ghost Talkers Game

Ghost TalkersGhost Talkers Game: Dark forces are all around us, or as they say, the devil is right behind us, always in the moment when we are not aware of that and we forget about it. But, you can’t understand the force of the light if you don’t learn the about the dark side. That’s the whole truth about life, nothing beyond and beneath that. And the dark and bad forces always try to prevail, they always seem to be stronger than the good ones. But, at the end they win the game. Doris is well known as the one who knows how to talk to the ghosts. She arrives on the cursed port and she needs to get in contact with the fisherman’s spirit who has died twenty years ago on this exact place.

The fishermen that are leaving the ships at this port want this spirit to stop scaring them right away, when they return from fishing in the late hours. Doris is here with her friend Ethan. And now, you can wonder, why would someone want to hurt some good fishermen who don’t want to harm anyone? They just enjoy in the peace of the water and fish. Try to help Doris and Ethan and bring peace again to these men. Enjoy and have fun in playing Ghost Talkers Game.

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