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Goodwill Ghosts

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Goodwill GhostsGoodwill Ghosts. Remember when you were in school or in colleges, there always were gossips about bad professors, teachers, those who’s everyday mission is to ruin the pupils or students day. But, very often we have the experience, when, they say for someone that is very bad and heavy to talk and work with, but, one might have a good experience with that person. It turns out at the end that if you find the right way to communicate and to get into the person’s code, you would have no problem to ‘solve’ even the worst exemplars. So, there are no generalizations, but personal experiences, and nothing more than that. It is very easy to create paranoia among people on a daily basis and in fact to talk about something that is not scary at all.

For today game we choose a bit of mystery for you. The habitants of the small town Tamworth are distressed due to the common appearance of ghosts in the southern part of the town. They don’t want to move after midnight, because they are completely scared of the ghosts and they want to prove the habitants that they shouldn’t be afraid of them. A group of citizens is gathering together and goes for a visit of the Tamworth’s ghosts. They are very good with them and reward them with precious objects just to get the confidence and sympathy.

And the ghosts appear to be actually friendly and good hearted, so the habitants of Tamworth might not have too much hard time to become friends with them. It is time for you to help them give the best presents possible, so the ghosts hearts would become softer and the habitants of Tamworth would return their peace once again. Good luck!

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