Touring Paris Game

Touring ParisTouring Paris Game: Tourist travelings are supposed to be relaxing and fun, we all know that. But sometimes things may go differently than it was initially planned. Elizabeth and her husband William are part of the group that comes to visit Paris. They always wanted to visit the most romantic city in the world and were amazed by its architecture and everything related to art. They were planning for a long time where to go, what to see. And never even thought that something that banal could complicate their trip… Elizabeth and William enjoy their first visit to Paris, but there is one small problem.

In Touring Paris Game: All the passengers that were traveling in the same bus with Elizabeth and William, including them both, didn’t know the French language. As a result of that, there was a confusion. So the luggage of all of them ended up in the surrounding houses where apartments are for rent. Now Elizabeth and William, together with the other passengers, need to find their luggage. It might take a while because they don’t know the city that much. But maybe this is a chance to get to know it even better. You can play Touring Paris game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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