The Ghost of Selena Game

The Ghost of SelenaWe need your help, dear player, for The Ghost of Selena Game. Someone is in trouble and yes your hand is needed. A spooky story for you is on our menu for today. There is this bad ghost that is trying to make problems to our main character. It feels good when we inherit something especially when we don’t expect such a thing to happen. But, sometimes that can give us hard time as well. Because not every family is capable of peaceful decision and splitting someone’s heritage. Olivia finds out that she is the inheritor of her grand fathers’ property which is situated at the end of the village. But she also finds out that in her grand fathers’ property there lives the ghost of a girl that is named Selena.

Olivia wants to chase away Selena from her property. Now she is challenges her in the solving of riddles. If Olivia makes it happen so that she will answer all the riddles that Selena is posing to her. Then Selena is going to actually leave this property. Try to think of how could you realize Olivia from this terrible spirit and enjoy the The Ghost of Selena Game.

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