Quess the Riddles Game

Quess the Riddles Quess the Riddles. This is one more of those quiz games that appear on our site from time to time but this time the story is really scary and serious, so do your best because the life of this girl is in your hands!

Well this time young Sandra is the main character of the game. This girl has an extraordinary destiny. There were some strange happenings in her life but this is truly unbelievable but it happened… Sandra is trapped in a castle by notorious vampire for a while. Her conditions there are terrible and she lives under a great fear for few days. Somehow she takes the courage to ask him if it is possible to release her. Unexpectedly but the vampire agrees to that under one condition, she has to give right answers to all riddles that he will give to her. Sandra doesn’t have any other choice so she agrees to that, hopping that she will have success in that.

The game is divided into levels where some hidden objects should be found but a condition for moving into the next level is giving a right answer to the riddle given by the vampire. Every wrong answer brings back Sandra to the same level so she is stuck in one point if that happens. Be nice and help Sandra complete this quest and escape from the vampire.

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