Spooky Motel Game

Spooky MotelSpooky Motel Game: Amanda is a tourist guide and very often she takes touristic groups to see the monuments through the land. Harold on the other hand is a driver of a bus and he travels a lot together with Amanda. Those travels are usually very interesting and Amanda and Harold also learn a lot from them, enjoying every tour same as they are tourists. However, this night Amanda and Harold have one rather unpleasant situation. Namely, their bus has broke down somehow, so now they are stuck in one spooky hotel.

This place is their only choice. So Amanda and Harold, together with the rest of the passengers, decide to walk around this scary place. They would like to find a away how to fix the bus, or find someone that could help them. The other choice is to spend the night in the motel and face with everything that could happen there. Something is spooky all the time but at the beginning Amanda, Harold and the rest of the passengers could not even imagine that they have been followed by the ghost that lives in the motel for a long time. We could not guess what his mission is but his presence will become noticeable very soon. Let’s help them deal with his spooky situation as soon as possible. And leave this place without any consequence in Spooky Motel Game.

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