The Emperors Writings Game

The Emperors WritingsThe Emperors Writings Game: Evelyn is a young archaeologist who visits Italy wanting to explore the ruins of the old town of Emperor Claudius. She wants to discover the diary of the Emperor because only that way she can find out the truth about his life. And more importantly, the truth about his death. That is an enigma, that historians long time ago have wondered to find out.

If you didn’t know a lot about this historical person, here is a way to find out more about him, in a funny way. This Roman emperor was pretty underestimated in the time of 50’s AD. He was the first Roman Emperor ever to be born outside Italy. He had some physical problems and a bit of deafness. And that why he was not taken too serious as a leader. But, later on, he proved that he is a good and ambitious administrator who arranged the construction of aqueducts, canals, new roads… He loved learning law and participated in the public trials. Historians say that he was killed by his own wife. Now, you will get the picture why our lady for the day, the curious Evelyn wants to find out more about this emperor.

Who is interested in history, loves to dig deeper when it comes to intriguing personalities. There are truths that will never be found out. And there is another saying, that the history is wrote by the winners, isn’t it? Even if you are not a fan of the history, this game will be funny for you. Be part of Evelyn’s adventure and help hear realize her mission. If nothing much, imagine you are visiting the beautiful Italy. You can play The Emperors Writings game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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