Thanksgiving Dinner Game

Thanksgiving Dinner Thanksgiving Dinner. Thanksgiving is a one of the nicest holidays in the year. Reason for that is the tradition related to this holiday that includes gathering together on a thanksgiving dinner. On this day the whole family is together, expressing gratitude about their life. About everything they have, including their friends and family. If you are not Canadian or American, you have probably seen in the movies how does this thanksgiving dinner look like. The family is here around the table, enjoying beautiful meal that includes eating turkey. And we are not talking just like that about Thanksgiving. This holiday is celebrated on 22 of November and actually today is that day, so if you don’t celebrate this holiday, this game will surely bring you the thanksgiving spirit.

On other hand, the theme of the game doesn’t mean that it has to be played only on this day. You are free to enjoy it whenever you like, but enough talking, lets get to the game! About the instructions, there is nothing complicated about it. It is similar like most of the games of this type you spot some object and you click on it with the left mouse button to point it. For using hint you click on the hourglass.

Play Thanksgiving Dinner Game