Still Alive Game

Still AliveStill Alive Game: It is little bit strange when you have some things that are not completely clear with your heritage, even when it comes from someone very close, like your own mother. Dorothy’s mother had a very beautiful house but this house isn’t visited by anyone for a very long time. The reason for that is very strange but real. Namely, the reason why is everyone afraid from entering into that house is the ghost that belongs to the maid of Dorothy’s mother. Actually this woman has died in that house but her ghost can’t leave and go on the other side. Like she has a certain unfinished business in front of her, something that has to be completed.

Dorothy comes back to her mother’s house, willing to set the things right. She is prepared to take the things in her own hands, to deal the maid’s ghost and help her get out from here. As Dorothy remembers, the maid was very fond of riddles. So she decides to offer her a deal. As said, by this deal, the maid should answer all the riddles in order to leave out of here. Enjoy and have fun in playing Still Alive Game.

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