Crime Riddles Game

Crime RiddlesCrime Riddles Game: The policeman Donna and the detective Brian are on the city bus station. The situation is very serious because there was a call about a bomb in one of the buses. At the moment the two professionals are on the field, exploring if there is really a bomb. However, after a detailed search, it was found out that the report was actually false. There wasn’t even a trace of a bomb and that is definitely good.

Still, Donna and Brian like to find out who stands behind all of this. Because even it wasn’t true, it was a very serious threat. And since everything is fine, Brian likes to give some creativity in the case, Detective Brian is little bit more experienced then Donna so he managed to find some of the evidences first. Actually he found the key evidences but now he likes to play a bit. He is a fan of riddles so he sets riddles to Donna with intention to challenge her. And make her find the right answers for the whole situation. It seems that this game will be a challenge for you too so let’s what is Brian up to this time. Enjoy and have fun in playing Crime Riddles Game.

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