Snowy Season Game

Snowy SeasonSnowy Season Game: Well snow is definitely something that brings smiles to our faces. The kids love it because of all that fun related to different games on the snow. But grownups love it as well, enjoying skiing or simply breathing the amazingly fresh air somewhere on the mountains. Andrea and Carl are managers in an elite winter sky center. The winter season has just started, here is the first snow and the trails for skiing are already prepared for the first tourists. The new team of employees has just arrived in the hotel. Andrea and Carl, as managers, have a duty in front of them. They need to teach the new employees about the work and tell them the priorities in the business on the whole.

Maybe you supposed that you will be in the role of a new employee. But no, you have a more accountable job this time. Namely, you will be in a role of a managers’ assistant. So you have a rather responsible job that needs to be done. You will have to introduce the new employees with the responsibilities that came with the beginning of the new winter season. You know that being in charge for this part of the job is very crucial. The service in an elite sky center like this could be even the most important thing. The terrains and so are good but in numerous cases people choose to come to certain place again, just because of the good service. You can play Snowy Season game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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