Riddles in the Bottle Game

Riddles in the BottleRiddles in the Bottle. These are the puzzles that require thought, intellect and a dab of creativity. Logic puzzles may require you to think hard and sometimes think outside the box. They are fun, clever, and challenge your problem solving skills in unique ways.

Samuel is an older gentleman which loves to take long walks by the seaside. He is also loves good brain teasers and puzzles. Every day he leisurely takes a stroll on the beach, but one day his everyday routine will be interrupted. It is just a regular day for Samuel. He begins his walk by the sea trying to calm his busy thoughts. Distracted by his thoughts he accidently discovers a new, unfamiliar beach which seems odd at first. When he looks closely he sees a large number of bottles scattered on the beach. What is even more peculiar is that all the bottles contain mysterious riddles.

Samuel can’t be more intrigued. He is determined to find all the bottles with riddles and solve them one by one. To solve the riddles, Samuel needs your help. Maybe they will reveal some bigger secret. Boy oh boy though that feeling of satisfaction when you are done with a riddle? Totally worth it in the end!

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