Park Cleaners Game

Park CleanersPark Cleaners Game: Ecology is the science that human beings underestimate a lot. We forget that each step we make and pollute our Earth, the nature, means that we are dealing with future problems. We think that someone else should fix our mess. But actually, we are the one that should start the fight, right away. Nature is always right and always knows when to strike back.

Simple walk in the park next to you, you see garbage all the way. And we are sure you ask yourself, why would someone do such thing, why would someone simply make a mess around, and not put the leftovers and papers in a basket?

Vincent, Jane and Diana are three newly employees street cleaners in the city park. It is their first day at work and they need help in the field of cleaning of the unnecessary objects in the park. Let’s help these guys in their mission to make the park a better place. We deserve to have better environment and that depends on our attitude and actions. If we expect that someone else would clean up after us, than we are all wrong.

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