Missing Tickets Game

Missing Tickets Missing Tickets. To watch a movie at home is a great leisure activity. Just lay on your bad under a warm blanket, relax, maybe make some pop corn and the party may begin. No one disturbs you since it is at home, and you enjoy the adventures of the chosen character making pauses whenever you want or going back when you haven’t seen something clearly or you didn’t understand the line. But on other hand, watching a movie at the cinema is also a great thing and it has a completely different feeling. You may have a huge monitor or a huge TV, but there isn’t such a TV as the cinemas big screen.

When you are in front of that mighty screen everything looks even more powerful and the experience is even livelier but it goes the same with the sound since the cinemas have excellent surround systems. There shouldn’t be any particular reason for going at the movies, but also it is a nice chance to take someone on a date and that’s the case in our game. This guy has invited his girlfriend to watch her favorite movie. They are at the cinema on time when he realizes that doesn’t have the ticket he bought yesterday. He has lost them somewhere but where? Lets help this guy maintain the good impression and help him continue the night without any troubles.

The instructions for playing are very easy to understand and use them in practice. You have your mouse, so you look for the hidden objects and when you spot one of them, you point at it with the mouse cursor and you click over it, using the left mouse button. The game could be also played with use of the touchpad and your fingers, off course if you have a laptop and you prefer this kind of gaming.

Missing Tickets is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.

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