Missing Files Game

Missing FilesMissing Files Game: What would you do if you the company you work for actually depends on you? Imagine you are put in a situation when you will have to find for key documents that will help you and your colleagues get to the big amount of money that will assure your future for a life time, maybe? And now, you can’t remember where have you lost few very important documents. In such situation we actually find today’s hero.

Mark was given the task to find the lost documents in his company. Those are very important documents because without them, the company would lose huge amount of money. It was not actually his fault why documents were lost at first place, but just because he is the most intelligent and fast thinking guy in the company, everyone believes that he actually will finish the job.

And now, what’s left for Mark? He should look over the whole company and all the offices so he can find the lost documents. Here you come on board, our dear player. There must be a simple clue for this situation. Mark is going to be very thankful to you, that’s why now you should help him. Enjoy and have fun in playing Missing Files Game.

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