Labyrinth Island Game

Labyrinth IslandLabyrinth Island Game: Besides the regular tourism that takes people to visit and spend some time on commercial destinations, there are also options of visiting places that are not that well known. Some people choose to spend their holidays, weekends and free time on some more quiet places without too much crowd. While others are willing to see something that wasn’t seen before. In that case we are talking about a more extreme type of tourism. When the tourists choose to ‘take a walk on the wild side’. Going on places that might be even dangerous and threatening for their lives. However, the adrenaline and the urge for exploring new things is that big that they don’t consider the chances that something unexpected. But also something that can’t be controlled, may easily happen.

In Labyrinth Island Game: Emily and Timothy are touristic guides. This time they have a group of tourists that wants a little bit more dangerous adventure. Today, they have arrived at the exotic island named Bircola. A place that well known by its beauty, but at the same time it is known for the dangerous places that could be found there. The island is also known as the Labyrinth island. Because it is so easy to get lost there. That is actually the case with today’s group that is lost on the island and they have to find a way how to save themselves. Enjoy and have fun in playing Labyrinth Island Game.

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