Adventures of a Tourist

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Game Details

Adventures of a TouristAdventures of a Tourist. Being a tourist is like a synonym for adventure, except if you are dreaming about some quiet and completely peaceful journey where you are relaxing all day in your hotel’s room, without wanting to go somewhere and see something new. Well Jack definitely is not that kind of a person. He is a real adventurer that always likes to visit new places and see things that are typical just for those places, exploring the culture as close as he can.

The game takes place in one small village in the Middle East. Jack this time has decided to visit that place, staying away from the typical touristic destinations, with a great wish to get to know better the life there are the traditions of the local residents. This place is quite exotic and it offers a lot to see, so Jack doesn’t want to stay on the safe side and he starts walking around, exploring every corner of the village.

You will do this explore together with Jack, searching together each scene of the village that is more interesting. In each scene you will also get a list of objects that are hidden there so your task is to find all objects from that list, in order to move into the next level and finish the game at the end.

Adventures of a Tourist is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.