Storm of the Century Game

Storm of the Century Storm of the Century. Last night, there was a big and scary storm, that destroyed almost everything. Daniel is a professional fireman, and Steven is one of the citizens who united in order to repair the damages that have been done. This is the worst hazard that has ever happened to our town. The storm caused enormous damage, and now we must help and clean this mess.

The whole country is alarmed, and everybody helps as much as they can. A lot of people are stuck in their homes, without any help provided. So we must clean the road and get to their homes. Find all the ropes on the screen, we’ll need them in order to rescue the stuck citizens. OK, I think we have enough ropes. Let’s continue with our rescue.

Hello, you have small items and for that reason you must use the hidden-scope to find them. Everything is a total mess, and there are a lot of things here that don’t let us continue further. Let’s clean up this part of the town. So far, we are doing great. A lot of homes have been cleaned, and a lot of people have been saved. We must be strong in moments like this. I was told that a big group of people are trapped in a residential building.

We’ll go there, Brenda will stay with you, she lives in this neighborhood and know this place very well. The News TV channel reported that it is very probable that a powerful storm will strike the city. That means that we don’t have much time, we must hurry up and rescue the people that are stuck in the building.

It’s me again, you will need to use the hidden-scope here again. So the citizens made you a list of items that you need to find. Read it carefully and find all of the items. Amanda will stay with you, she is one of the best in our team. Listen to her orders and we’ll clean the space in no time. The other team left few talkie-walkies for us, please find them all. We’ll need the talkie- walkies to communicate more efficiently.

Storm of the Century is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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