Haunted Dream Game

Haunted DreamHaunted Dream Game: Elizabeth is really scared. It’s not something that has happened in her actual life but something that follows her in her dreams. You may say, dreams are just dreaming but if a certain dream repeats numerous times, that dream becomes a reality. It could have a bigger influence than something that happens in real life. Because it happens so often and losing the distinction between the dreams and the reality is something that comes consequently.

In Elizabeth’s case, this girl is stacked in a dream and she can’t escape from there, no matter how hard she tries. In her dream, Elizabeth suddenly meets Mark. Mark was a friend of her grandfather, a man who is late for a long time but he is now here to help her. He will try to teach her how to escape from the everlasting dream and bring her back to the reality. You may also feel scared from Elizabeth’s nightmare. But let’s stay calm and try to help her escape from this unusual situation. Don’t let the dreams overrule you too and help the girl find peace in her dreams once again. You can play this game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun in playing Haunted Dream Game.

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