Great Farm Game

Great FarmGreat Farm Game: So, no one knows everything but with some effort everything can be learned and done, right? Amanda’s grandfather lives on a farm. He has been there his entire life and he knows everything about this kind of life. On the other hand, Amanda is a city girl. She lives in the city since she was born, but she always enjoyed visiting her grandfather. The nature there is amazing, but also her grandfather has two horses which are favorite to her. Every visit of the farm is a real enjoyment for her. This time in Great Farm Game: Amanda comes to the farm with a particular aim – to help her grandfather around the farm.

There are numerous responsibilities around the farm. And Amanda, even though has been here numerous times, is still not ready for all the duties and she needs some help. Let’s see what is life on a farm about and help Amanda and her grandfather with the responsibilities on the farm. We will learn many new things. But also we will enjoy our stay there – taking care of the whole farm and Amanda’s favorite horses. Let’s visit them and see what is going on there. You can play Great Farm game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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