Frozen Cave Game

Frozen CaveFrozen Cave Game: We may know what is around us, but it is so hard to know what could the nature offer. We could never know what can be found in the mountains, in seas or so. No matter how are the explorers consistent in their searches. It is about a huge territory and no one can predict what could the nature do, in order to hide certain places.

That’s why it is so complicated when it comes about this one particular cave that is always frozen. Amanda’s father has spent his whole life searching for the world’s most valuable diamonds that supposedly were hidden in this cave. He was leaded by his passion and searching for so long. But he failed to find anything, even having doubts if those diamonds really existed. On the other hand, Amanda decided to be even more consistent and finally find out the truth about these diamonds. She comes the frozen cave, following the legend about the diamonds. Finding the diamonds will mean a lot to her. Because that way she will fulfill her father’s dream, something that means a lot for her as well. Enjoy and have fun in playing Frozen Cave Game.

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