Card Collection Game

Card CollectionCard Collection Game: It is amazing how many different hobbies people have. But collecting trading cards is definitely one of the most practiced. Usually is starts when we are very young. Those cards with an image of a certain person, a fictional character, place or thing are usually inserted into small chocolates or we buy them alone. The aim of collecting them is fulfilling an album. And usually there is a small price for the ones that will fill the whole album. Maybe that price is the motivation for collecting cards at first. But after that grownups develop a passion for collecting cards and trading card. Sometimes that passion can be so big that they are capable of giving a huge amount of money, just to get some card they miss.

That’s how Steven started at first in Card Collection Game. When he was very young, he loved to collect cards from baseball players and now he has his own collection. Now, after 20 years, Steven finds out that part of his baseball cards are very valuable on the market for trading card collection. He decides to go back to his own house and find those six rare and valuable baseball cards. It appeared that this is a very serious thing. So he calls his friends to come and help him search for the cards. Enjoy and have fun in playing Card Collection Game.

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