Cleaning After Tenancy Game

Cleaning After Tenancy Cleaning After Tenancy. Meet this girl named Gloria. She is a real professional and she likes to do her job as good as she can. This girl works as a professional cleaner of houses. She actually has an agreement with a company that rents houses. And she cleans the houses after the tenants leave the place. This job can be sometimes hard because no one could guess how the house will look like after the tenants leave. But Gloria always makes sure everything to be done in perfect order. Having in mind that this will affect the opinion of the following costumer.

Clean and organized place will attract new tenants which means that the cleaning company will work even better, opening many new opportunities for job for Gloria. At the moment Gloria is in one of the houses and she starts cleaning. The tenants have left the place in quite a mess so she has a lot of work that has to be done. Please be that kind and help the girl clean the place faster, so she could leave a good impression once again. Enjoy and have fun.

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