Dangerous Trail Game

Dangerous TrailDangerous Trail Game: Lori and Roy are mountain climbers with a great experience behind them. They simply adore the nature and climbing mountains is their way to relate more closely with the nature, to soak in all the beauties that it offers. That was the motivation for Lori and Roy to conquer so many mountain peaks. They are always wishing and aiming for something more.

So, at the moment those two are on the mountain Karesk, standing in front of a new challenge. Namely, they like to conquer the mountain peak but from one completely new side. There is a rather dangerous path on this side of the mountain. But Lori and Roy feel prepared enough to start this hard journey. They are together with their friends – mountain climbers, willing to discover the troubles that this dangerous path could offer them. Lori and Roy have just set their camp. So now, they would need just few more things, and few objects that will help them conquer the dangerous peak tomorrow.

The whole expedition is rather excited because of the new challenge and they feel quite reliable in themselves. But deep down they also feel certain fear. The facts say that this is one of the most dangerous trails which means that only a fool could take the challenge without any concern. However, we are sure that their experience won’t disappoint them and they will make the final step without any difficulty. You can play Dangerous Trail game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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