Cooking by the Book Game

Cooking by the BookCooking by the Book Game: For the first time in his life, Samuel wants to try out the kitchen. He wants to prepare the first delicious meal. But, he must follow the cooking rules of the cook book he sees in years at home. The lovely big book full of yummy and delicious recipes has been standing on his shelves at home. But Samuel didn’t have the courage to take it off and to do something out of eat or simply to prepare at least the simplest meal for his family. He has to answer exactly on few riddles so he will find out what ingredients he needs to prepare the meal.

This is one another big step for him to try to prepare the first meal ever. No one said that it would be easy. But there has to be a a way for this enthusiastic man to accomplish his mission. For those of you who think that cooking is just a piece of cake, trust us, it is not the case. Actually, first of all it is art, it is love and spending precious time. Someone would say, why loosing few hours for eating it in less then 10 minutes? But, one bite of a perfect dish means the world to people who understand food. Help Samuel prepare the first and best meal ever. You can play Cooking by the Book Game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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