Wrong Advice Game

Wrong AdviceWrong Advice Game: Violence is not answer to anything but some people decide to choose it as a way for dealing certain situations. But the results of those actions can’t be positive. That is for sure because no one has the right to threaten someone else’s life. No matter how guilty that person was, according to the attacker. In Wrong Advice Game: Few days ago, unidentified masked persons have entered and attacked a visitor of the small local bar, causing him severe body injuries.

This act caused fear in the owners of the object, including the visitors. At the moment, the object is observed by the detective Betty and the policeman Gary. Who are looking for certain traces that will help them about the case. They would like to find out who stands behind this attack and what is the reason for this happening. Now let’s see the whole situation together and help the authorities finish the case faster. That way people could visit the local bar again, without being afraid that something bad could happen to them or to be witnesses of something similar to this. You can play this game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun in playing Wrong Advice Game.

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