Nights of Fear Game

Nights of Fear Nights of Fear. Bryan is a detective who works in London during the 90th years of the last century. The detective has been set on a mission to solve the case about the criminal who spreads fear during the late hours, all through the streets of London. We all know that generally it is not that safe to walk on the streets in the middle of the night but it seems that this time things have went too far. Namely, numerous persons have reported a robbery, done by a masked and armed criminal and everyone agrees that London is not such a safe place as it was before.

Our detective has a really responsible task that needs to be done so at the moment he is planning and looking for the perfect searching method that will lead him sooner to the traces that are necessary for catching the criminal. Initially Bryan wants to explore in details all the places where people were met by the striker. He does that with a simple aim to find more evidences that will help him identify the criminal.

Those nights of fear seem that last too long for the people that live in London and are forced to walk through the streets late at night. That’s why it would be rather helpful if we help detective Bryan to find out the necessary evidences and finally catch the person responsible for those crimes.

Nights of Fear is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.

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