The Secret Affair Game

The Secret Affair The Secret Affair. Another terrible happening, another bad case in the record of detective Wilson. Is not that the work of a detective could be less stressful but murders are always hard, no matter how many of them have you seen in your career. And usually they are so mixed up that their solving lasts very long…but it seems that when it comes to a murder, people apply most of their brains to cover it, so the job of the detectives is very hard as well.

This time Mr. Christopher is found dead in his house. Detective Wilson is hired to undertake this case so he is arriving at the small town Paden, to see what has happened there. Mr. Christopher didn’t look like a strange man, everything around him seemed ok while he was alive but detective Wilson’s investigation will open up many questions, many secrets related to Mr. Christopher, including his problematic marriage. It seemed that the marriage was ok as well, but the traces lead to something else, something far more complicated.

There are many clues that could lead to some conclusion about the case, but the traces of poison in the glass of vine near Christopher’s body will lead detective Wilson in the right way for discovering the murderer. Let’ hope that it would go fast because Mr. Christopher was quite decent man, if we don’t consider the latest discovering…

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