Big Secrets Game

Big SecretsBig Secrets Game: The director of the post office, Paul, is a passionate stamp collector. In his collection, he has many valuable stamps dating from different periods. Some of them are very old and rare, even unique, which means that their value is very big on the stamps market. However, unfortunately, Paul was a target of thieves that have somehow entered his home and made a robbery. He has reported a robbery of stamps to the police so how it is their turn to investigate what has happened and who is responsible for the robbery.

The two detectives Donald and Michelle, together with their team of professionals, arrive at Paul’s house. They are here to examine the place and start the investigation by searching for some traces and pieces of evidence that will lead them to the criminals. They have to work very carefully and spot everything that could point to the possible criminals. Let’s search the house together with the professionals and see if we can help them somehow in the investigation. Every help is crucial for them and Paul, so let’s don’t waste our time and act immediately. You can play Big Secrets game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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