The Poisoner’s Handbook Game

The Poisoner's HandbookThe Poisoner’s Handbook Game: Detectives have difficult jobs in most cases. Actually they are called in those cases that are more complicated and where the criminals are unknown. Those people are perfectly trained but at the same time they are persons with born instinct. Persons that are capable of seeing something that regular people can’t see. They are extremely cautious about every trace around them but also they are able to relate things. And easily get to the murder or so. Gary is a detective that is set on a rather mysterious case. Namely, there was a murder by poisoning in one residential building. Maybe this is not such an often type of a murder these days but it is something that really happened. Gary’s task is to search the place and find enough evidences. So he could find the person that is responsible for the murder.

Like in every other case, besides the material evidences. The people that were near the murder or are somehow related with the person that is killed are also treated as live evidences. That means that Gary will have to talk to all other citizens from the building, with intention to find the killer. The investigation could start right away, so let’s see what is going on in this building. Be careful about every gesture and every possible evidence because usually the criminals are the ones that do their best to hide their act and look completely innocent. You can play The Poisoner’s Handbook game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

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