The House Burglar Identity Game

The House Burglar IdentityThe House Burglar Identity Game: From motoring offences to murder, people commit crimes every day. There are many people involved in detecting and solving crimes. From police officers attending each crime scene and gathering evidence, to the numerous clerks and administrators, the solicitors and judicial staff, and many more. And today you could be one of them!

Your task today is to help police officer Nancy to gather the evidence left behind and to solve a crime neatly. Nancy arrives at the crime scene where a robbery has been performed earlier. At first glance, some crime scenes can render very little information. Neighbors and relatives say they didn’t see or hear anything.

But, Nancy is already experienced and she will tell you that every crime scene hides golden nuggets of information. It’s real, tangible evidence that actually puts people behind bars. Some are well hidden, and this is why Nancy needs your help to find crucial evidence that will help her in solving the crime. You are part of her extensive team that will carry out the real graft. So enjoy and have fun in playing The House Burglar Identity Game.

Play The House Burglar Identity Game