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Daylight RobberyDaylight Robbery. One should be pretty brave to take a risk and enter a store or a bank in a daylight and rob it, or at least, to try doing that. Maybe courage, maybe madness, but some people really decide to do that, though they take big risk to be caught. They usually put black sock on their faces, they hide, and usually act in a group, because who would dare to do that all alone? However, because no crime is actually a perfect crime, every criminal would be caught sooner or later, and the justice would be accomplished.

The movies from the seventies very often have the subject of scared group of young robbers who do something to please some boss, and are scared to death. And usually, some and brave fellow who is waiting on the line to finish some bank stuff, steps froward and saves the situation, or some cashier or banker achieves to call the police or turn the alarm on. Thieves scare people. But, to enter a Shopping mall, where thousands of people walk and buy, that is really a bravery and craziness. This thing happened today in our game and that scared and surprised a lot of people.

In the local Shopping mall something very strange has happened. In this peaceful neighborhood something like this has never happened. During daylight, a masked face appeared in the Shopping mall and robed the main cash register, he took big amount of money and got lost in a unknown way. At that moment, the policewoman Catherine was on duty. She is one of the bravest police officers that the history of this town knows. She arrived the soon the possible. Her task is to find out who the thief is and to return the stolen money.

You, our dear player are going to help her do that. Good luck!

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