The Missing Evidence Game

The Missing Evidence The Missing Evidence. There couldn’t be two similar criminal cases, that is what experienced detectives are saying. There are no two people in the world that could think same. But also if a single person plans to repeat certain action, the circumstances are not possible to be same, so again it is about a different crime. That’s why detectives are always facing something new. You may think that every robbery is same and it can’t be that hard to solve one. Especially if you have a certain experience in that. But again, think how different all people are. Also, each robbery is usually planned by a different person. Of course if you don’t get into someone’s series of robberies, and it is always like the first time.

In The Missing Evidence Game: Martha and Thomas are two experienced detectives but they still feel the thrill when they get a new case. They have just arrived at the house of the Peterson family where the members of the family suffered a real drama last night. Namely, someone has broken into their house and some things were stolen. Between those objects were some really valuable objects and jewelry which are of great value for the Peterson family. Martha and Thomas are in the house together with their other colleagues and they are looking for evidences in order to discover who is responsible for this case. But it seems that some evidences are missing…

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