Price of Justice Game

Price of JusticePrice of Justice Game: It is a terrible thing to be wrongly accused for something. There are people that haven’t even thought about doing something bad. But the rude criminals have decided to put them in a trouble. Linda and her father Robert live on their farm for years. One month ago, the police knocked on their door and accused them for helping certain bank robbers. Supposedly those people were seen on the farm, so the police assumes that there is some connection between them, Linda and Robert.

Linda and her father like to prove that they don’t have anything related to those criminals. They call their friends on the farm, to help them find some evidence that the criminals came on the farm on their own. They entered into the farm without asking for a permission and hidden the goods there were robbed from the bank. Now it seems that the price of the justice is rather high but this things have to be done in order to escape unfair punishment. Let’s help Linda, her farther Robert and their friends find the evidence. You can play this game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun in playing Price of Justice Game.

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